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Large format graphic creation can be difficult due to issues with file size and ability to find images at a high enough resolution that look good at final size. Here are a few tips:

Use Illustrator and make vector based output. Create images and link them into the document. Flattened files are not guaranteed.

Specify critical PMS colors in the vector file using the PMS solid coated color chart. Files that cannot be manipulated cannot be color matched.

Stay away from overuse of transparencies. Color matching a transparency is impossible.

Using even simple text/graphics effects on large files can create massive file sizes making even the smallest edit take hours. Edits needed on our end could accrue significant art charges.

Create all art to size and check resolution. Most mistakes with resolution come from files reduced to a percentage causing resolution issues to go unnoticed. You are responsible for image resolution.

If your file is over 2 gigabyte simplify your design using more vector output.

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Letter Visibility Chart

The following chart is for reference only. Actual legibility distance can vary greatly due to a variety of factors including atmospheric conditions. The distances may vary approximately 10% with various color combinations.

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